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Bellevue Garage Door Maintenance

Bellevue Garage Door Maintenance is available 24/7 to help you with your garage system. Routine maintenance is extremely important to keep your garage system in proper working order to prevent having costly repairs. We can provide a 25 point inspection with any routine maintenance check, which allows you to see which parts are in good working order and which need to be attended to. When you fail to perform routine maintenance, it can cause the opener, springs, cables, and much more to stop working. Even the tiniest part can cause the entire system to become unstable, so call us today!

We can repair or replace

We can repair or replace any part on the spot, including:
garage door opener, door balance, springs, rollers, cables, pulleys, safety reverse, limit switch, safety cables, tracks, hinges, drums, center bearings, pulleys, forks, astragal, shafts, brackets, tracks, hinge arms, strut/truss rod, spring anchors, limit switch, weather seal, remotes..


Maintaining your garage system

Since you probably use your garage on a daily basis, it is imperative you understand the importance of maintaining your garage system. Home improvement experts suggest checking your garage system at least once a year, replacing your springs every 5-6 years, and installing a new garage opener every 10 years. This is to prevent excessive damage to you or your home. Why spend the money on costly repairs when you can prevent them? Our expert team of technicians are fully licensed, bonded and insured, and since we’re completely mobile we can fix or replace any part the same day!

Providing fast response times

We understand the importance of having your garage system be in perfect working order, and we constantly strive to provide fast response times, low prices and extended warranties with every Bellevue garage door maintenance we offer. Call us today to schedule an appointment, learn more about our services, or to request emergency Bellevue garage door maintenance service.

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